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How to Get My Boyfriend to Marry Me

Getting anyone to do anything they don’t want to do is an exercise in futility, especially when it comes to marriage. While many women have coerced men into marriages they didn’t want, a marriage like that rarely lasts or brings much happiness to either spouse.

The last thing you want to do is force your boyfriend into marriage if he’s not ready or interested. However, you can let him know how ready you are and find out if he feels the same way.


4 Steps to Get My Boyfriend to Marry Me

How to Get My Boyfriend to Marry Me

1. Find out Whether Your Boyfriend is Interested in Marriage–with you or in general

If you communicate directly and openly with each other, you may already have a good idea about his views on marriage.


2. Put Him in a Marrying Mood, Subliminally

Invite your boyfriend to be your date when attending other people’s weddings. Talk to him about where he sees himself in a year, two years or five years. If he mentions marriage let him know where you stand aswell.


3. Make it Clear to Your Boyfriend That You are Ready to Get Married

Letting your boyfriend know you’d like to get married can be as simple as saying “I’m ready to get married, how about you?”

If you’re not comfortable with such a direct approach, try something more subtle. However, you don’t want to bring up this topic prematurely. Be sure that you are in a stable, committed relationship that has good potential for the future before bringing up the idea of “I do.”


4. Ask Him Yourself

Some men may be ready to get married but are too nervous to pop the question. If you think this may be your boyfriend pop the question yourself.

Convention says that men should do the asking, but this is the twenty-first century–there is nothing wrong with a woman proposing marriage if that’s what works for her. Just be sure you’re not stealing your boyfriend’s thunder.



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