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How to Get Cruise Travel Insurance

Many people who take cruises overlook the necessity of travel insurance. The beauty of the ocean, the full schedule of events and the idea that cruise ships are exceptionally safe should not prevent you from purchasing a financial safety net.

You can get cruise travel insurance that will protect you in case of the unthinkable.


7 Steps to Get Cruise Travel Insurance

How to Get Cruise Travel Insurance

1. Map out every port of call and destination your cruise will take you on before you get insurance.

The price difference between a simple round trip cruise and an extensive boat trip with multiple stops is significant.


2. Shop for permanent travel insurance if you plan on taking multiple cruises over the next few years.

Temporary policies may seem like an inexpensive option, but the lapses in coverage between one short term policy and another may catch you by surprise.


3. Obtain the best quote for cruise travel insurance by providing the exact duration of your trip to an insurance agent.

Insurance providers need to know how long they need to provide coverage to ascertain their level of risk in covering you and your family.


4. Locate an insurance policy that covers travel disruption and accommodations in case of technical difficulties.

Most travel insurers will include this in a middle tier of coverage and provides reimbursement to a certain monetary level for alternate travel arrangements.


5. Speak with your travel agent about local medical services and contractors that are covered by your policy.

Basic travel insurance for cruise passengers includes a minimal amount of financial protection against excessive medical costs.


6. Determine the connections that an insurer has around the world.

This is an important factor in finding cruise travel insurance. You should look for insurance providers that contract out to translators, health facilities and customer service centers that can help you no matter where your cruise takes you.


7. Review your travel budget and the worth of the items in your luggage to assess the necessity of insurance.

Your insurance premiums should not exceed 10 percent of your total travel budget and you may not want a separate travel policy if you are packing lightly.


Tips & Warnings
Give yourself plenty of time to get cruise travel insurance ahead of your next trip. You should complete your search for the best insurance policy for a cruise at least 4 weeks in advance. A hastily assembled insurance package may mean that you won’t be covered for issues like travel disruption or an immediate health issue.


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