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How to Get a Zumba Certification

Zumba is an exciting group exercise that involves dance movements such as salsa, meringue, reggaeton and more, making it a great alternative to regular fitness classes. Like other group exercises, you require a certification in order to teach Zumba.

The certification allows you to work as an independent instructor at the gym of your choice. Be the next Zumba instructor at your gym with these simple tips to help you obtain a certification.


4 Steps to Get a Zumba Certification

How to Get a Zumba Certification


1. Take a Zumba class to obtain a feel for the movements and what is involved in becoming an instructor.

Attend other instructors’ classes to see the different styles.


2. Sign up for a Zumba workshop with the Zumba Academy.

You can either sign up for the Basic or Gold. The Zumba Basic workshop is an introductory certification that teaches the foundation of Zumba and four basic rhythms (merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaton). The Zumba Gold workshop is designed for an instructor who wants to teach the older adult population or beginner.

Check for available workshops by visiting the Zumba Academy website at zumba.com and selecting the country you plan to take the workshop. Select the certification you wish to achieve (Basic or Gold) and click “Search.” Select the workshop you want to attend and click “Register” to sign up for it.


3. Complete the eight-hour workshop.

You receive a certification allowing you to teach Zumba as an independent contractor when you are done. Set your schedule, rate and more with the fitness facility at which you choose to teach.


4. Stay current on your certification.

Zumba Academy offers a variety of continuing courses that you will be required to take to maintain your certification.


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