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How to Get a Travel Insurance Quote

The process of purchasing travel insurance is different from other insurance policies. Most travelers seeking insurance do not shop extensively like they would for auto, health or life policies.

Before you get travel insurance, you should get a number of quotes to find the best deal for your travel budget.


Things You’ll Need

  • Inventory of travel items
  • Travel itinerary


7 Ways to Get a Travel Insurance Quote

How to Get a Travel Insurance Quote

1. Start your travel insurance quote by laying out the total length of your trip

Most insurance providers divide their policies into several categories, including vacations under 15 days and extended stays longer than three months.


2. Input every destination in your travels to get an accurate travel insurance quote

Domestic trips are less expensive because transportation carriers and vendors are easier to contact than their counterparts in foreign countries. Foreign travel features a higher price tag because of the higher risk calculated by underwriters.


3. Determine the number of trips you will need to cover with travel insurance when you get a quote

A majority of travelers select short term policies that provide coverage over a matter of weeks without a major financial commitment. If you will travel extensively for business or pleasure, you should consider a permanent policy to get the best deal.


4. Insert premium benefits into your travel insurance quote to get an idea of how expensive your policy will be

Your desire for concierge service, rental car collision coverage or a higher financial threshold for medical benefits needs to be tempered by the limits of your travel budget.


5. Formulate a chart that compares the expense of travel insurance to the services provided by each insurance company

A travel insurance quote without the context of competing companies is meaningless to most travelers. Consult this chart as you add more quotes to find the best deal.


6. Review your auto, health and life insurance policies to find areas of overlap during the quote process

You can save money on travel insurance by cutting back on areas that are sufficiently covered by other policies you currently hold.


7. Prepare an inventory of common travel items as you finish getting quotes for travel insurance

Use a conservative estimate of each item’s worth based on depreciation from the original purchase price to find sufficient coverage during your trip.


Tips & Warnings
Add on different options to potential travel insurance plans to get a comprehensive quote. Most travel insurance providers allow you to play around with options like health insurance, rental cars and special hotel rates. You should determine the minimum and maximum rates available through insurance providers before moving past the quote process.


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