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How to Get a Homecoming Date

Homecoming is a tradition celebrated at high schools and colleges all over the United States. Students usually participate in activities like the homecoming dance. Since homecoming is primarily a social activity, it is often more fun to go with a date. Finding a date for homecoming can be simple if you know how to go about it the right way.


Steps to Get a Homecoming Date

Homecoming Date

Plan in advance

Try not to hold up until the last moment to choose who you need to request to go to homecoming with you. Abstain from having your date of decision disclose to you that they are as of now going with another person.


Ask your crush

If there is someone you have a particular romantic interest in, go ahead and ask that person directly. Ask face-to face and privately for best results. The better you know the individual the almost certain they are to acknowledge your offer.


Ask a friend

Friends are a good resource for finding a homecoming date since you already enjoy each other’s company and know you will have fun together. Friends are also more likely to accept your offer than an acquaintance or a complete stranger.


Go with a group

Gather together a couple of your different dateless companions and go all together date. This takes the pressure off having to couple off and usually leads to more fun for everyone involved.


Tips and Warnings

  • Don’t be afraid to ask anyone. The worst that can happen is they say “No.” Rejection is never as bad as it seems.
  • Be polite and confident. People are more likely to respond to a polite request than an outright demand or an obvious act of desperation.


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