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How to Flirt With My Wife

It doesn’t matter if you and your wife have been married for 10 months or 10 years; to keep the fire going and make her feel like a beautiful gem, you’re going to have to try something new to add spice in your relationship.

If you want to flirt with her, do a few things that make her feel special, all while making her feel like you two just met.


5 Ways to Flirt With My Wife

Flirt With My Wife

1. Act like you’ve never met before when you’re out in public

Offer to meet her for lunch or happy hour after work one day, and approach her as if she is a complete stranger. Prod her to play along with your short role-play activity. Notice when she blushes a bit as you introduce yourself to her.


2. Touch her lightly

Put your hand on her lower back or on the side of her hips when you’re helping her squeeze by or sit down in a chair. Give her a playful tap on her knee or arm while you’re speaking to her. Grab her hand when you’re walking, then let it go. The small sensual signs you’re showing her will send signals directly to her body that you’re a playful flirt.


3. Give her eye contact when you’re speaking with her

If you know she loves your eyes, your penetrating eye contact will do wonders to her. Smile often using both your eyes and your lips to deliver your message.


4. Make playful comments to her that she hasn’t heard in a while

If it’s been a long time since you’ve told her how much you love her legs or that her lips are amazing, now’s the time to remind her that you’ve noticed and that you’re her number-one fan.


5. Send her a text message in the middle of her boring Monday morning meeting

Send something completely flirtatious like, “Hey gorgeous, how’s that meeting coming along?” or “You’re beautiful, can’t wait to see you again.” Make her feel sexy when she least expects it.


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