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How to Fix a Relationship When You Are Tired of Each Other

Every person enters a relationship with many expectations, and trouble begins when the partner doesn’t live up to those expectations. It is equally important to consider the partner’s viewpoint to understand why a relationship isn’t working.

If you don’t want to let go of your love relationship, give it a chance to survive by being honest with yourself and your partner. Talk to each other openly and take steps that can save what could be a fulfilling relationship.


4 Steps to Fix a Relationship When You Are Tired of Each Other

Fix a Relationship

1. Analyze your relationship

Sit alone in a quiet place and introspect about yourself and your relationship. Ask yourself how your relationship got into this mess. Recall the beautiful moments of your relationship and what it was that made you happy during those times.

Ponder what you feel is currently lacking in the relationship. Be honest with yourself and admit mistakes that could be on your side. Make a list of all the things you like in your partner and your current relationship as well as things you have come to resent. This will give you a starting point for fixing your relationship.


2. Talk to your partner

Your earlier effort to introspect yourself and the relationship should give you some clear thoughts about what you want to discuss with your partner. Set pride aside, take the initiative and suggest to your partner that you should talk.

Discuss openly what both of you think about the relationship and why it has gone sour. Express your feelings and urge your partner to do the same. Be calm without getting angry or bitter. Listen to what your partner has to say, even if you feel he is being unfair.

You always have your turn to get your viewpoint across. Move past arguments to insights into what each of you is thinking about the other.


3. Gather a fresh perspective from your discussions

Make a suggestion to your partner that you could visit a marriage counselor. Taking such initiatives reveals to your partner how serious you are about saving the relationship. You could also suggest staying away from each other for some time to give each of you space to think about further action.


4 Discuss the initiatives and compromises each of you is willing to make to fix your relationship

Start with small actions and compromises. Achieve a mindset that you cannot expect drastic compromises that change your partner’s individuality and vice versa; in some cases, you have got to accept the person as she is if you really love her.


Tips and Warnings

  • Talk to a trusted friend about your feelings; it can be suffocating holding all your emotionsinside.
  • Avoid expecting overnight results. It takes immense patience and determination to right a relationship


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