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How to Find Quartz Crystal at Douglas Dam

Outside Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Douglas Dam offers some good quality Quartz crystal hunting.

This is a good family past time that provides crystal keepsakes from the day trip.


3 Steps to Find Quartz Crystal at Douglas Dam

Douglas Dam outside Pigeon Forge


1. Douglas Dam is on the French Broad River about 15 miles outside Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The best way to find it is to MapQuest it. Douglas Dam, pigeon Forge ,TN It is a pleasant little day trip out to the dam.

The only time you can really do this is from late fall to early spring because the lake level drops in the fall and comes back up in the spring. A day trip in the summer will not produce crystal quartz, you normally find quartz crystal in the lake bed.


2. Drive out to the dam find a nice spot to park.

Walk out on the lake bed and start looking. Watch for things that shine like glass. Also look for round bumpy looking rocks. I have found a few of these about the size of a golf ball. They are actually hollow with crystal inside.

Mostly you will find small quartz crystals and some pieces of the broken “rocks”. You can find a pretty good amount of crystals with a little bit of walking.


3. This can be a lovely day trip for the winter, maybe include a picnic.

If you go right after a rain you better take mud shoes on your day trip. Take a little bag for each kid on your day trip because they will want to collect all kinds of rocks and sticks and stuff.

Enjoy your trip to Pigeon Forge, TN, and make a day trip out to Douglas Dam to collect some quartz crystal.


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How to Find Quartz Crystal at Douglas Dam


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