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How to Find Probate Attorneys

Probate attorneys handle the legal process of validating a will. The executor of the will inventories the assets of the deceased and makes sure all debts are paid. If there is no will, this is handled by a representative of the court.

Probate attorneys are necessary when there are legal complications. If a will is contested, both sides should hire probate attorneys.


5 Steps  to Find Probate Attorneys

Probate Attorneys


1. Get referrals from people you know.

If your friends have had positive dealings with probate attorneys in the past, they may recommend their lawyer.

Ask detailed questions about how well their case was handled. If you cannot get a positive referral this way, then go to the next step.


2. Conduct an online search for probate attorneys in your state.

Laws vary from state to state, so it is important that your lawyer be well-versed in the local legal codes. Be wary of advice given online, which may pertain to laws from another state or country.


3. Interview several probate attorneys to determine their availability and fees.

Get references. Explain your situation. If they claim to have solid experience in your kind of case, then proceed to the next step.


4. Investigate probate attorneys by checking their references.

Go to the law firm’s website to find out more about them. Did they go to a top law school? Do they specialize in cases like yours, or are they generalists?

Search for their names online to assess their professional reputations. Finally, check with your state bar association to find out if there are any complaints filed against them.


5. For more information on probate attorneys.


Tips & Warnings
Laws vary by state. Look for local probate attorneys.


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