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How to Find Out How Much Saving Bonds Are Worth

If you received paper savings bonds years ago and want to check their value, you don’t need to perform any complicated math calculations to figure it out. The U.S. Department of the Treasury provides a quick and easy way to determine your savings bond’s worth through the TreasuryDirect website.

You can also look up the value of your electronic savings bonds. The type of bonds you have depends on which Series they belong to, such as the government-backed Series EE/E bonds, liquid Series I bonds or current-income securities known as Series HH/H bonds.


Saving Bonds Are Worth


Paper Bonds

Visit TreasuryDirect’s “Calculate the Value of Your Paper Bonds” page listed under Resources to use the Savings Bond Calculator.

Type the “Value as of” date in the box provided.

Select the Series, such as E or I, found in the top right corner of your bond.

Select the denomination shown in the top left corner.

Enter the serial number located in the bottom right corner.

Type the issue date found in the top right corner under Series.

Click “Calculate” to view the value and interest amount. The calculator also shows you when the bond will stop earning interest.


Electronic Bonds

Go to the “TreasuryDirect Applications” page listed under Resources to begin the log-in process for your TreasuryDirect account to view your electronic Series EE or I savings bonds.

Select “letter” or “number” depending on which one your account number begins with.

Enter your account number and password in the boxes provided.

Click “Enter” to see your bond’s value and interest amount.


HH/H Bonds

Visit the “Access Your Account” page listed under Resources to log in to TreasuryDirect’s Internet Services and view your HH/H bonds.

Type your social security number or bond serial number in the box provided.

Click “Submit.” You can see your current HH/H savings bonds and the amount of interest paid.


Tips & Warnings

  • You can view the current value, past value going back to January 1996 or the near future value of your paper savings bonds by changing the date in the “Value as of” box.
  • You can only access HH/H Internet Services during certain times. TreasuryDirect lists the current hours of operation on its website.


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