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How to Find a Notary Public in Your Area

A notary public is necessary to witness a signature on a document, such as during the purchase of a home or on contracts, wills or power of attorney documents.

Finding a notary public can be difficult, but many establishments in your area likely employ at least one.


3 Steps to Find a Notary Public in Your Area

Notary Public


1. Check your local bank.

All banks typically have a notary public on the premises. You usually don’t need to have an account to use the services of the notary public, but you may have to pay a fee.


2. Visit a local courthouse if the documents you need to have notarized are legal documents.

A court clerk who is also a notary can usually help.


3. Find a mobile notary public by using an online service.

Mobile notaries tend to be private and will usually charge a travel fee on top of the regular fee.


Tips & Warnings
It is necessary to have your documents complete and ready for signature before you seek the services of a notary. They cannot offer any legal advice, nor can they help you write any of the documents you will need them to notarize.


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