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How to Find a Caregiver for a Newborn in Maryland

Whether you are a working parent returning to the office after maternity leave or you simply need a little help with child care a few days a week, finding reliable, trustworthy child care is possibly your biggest priority after your baby is born.

A nonprofit resource for parents and families, the nanny, sitter or day care provider you choose for your newborn should be someone with whom both you and your child feel comfortable.


7 Steps to Find a Caregiver for a Newborn in Maryland

Caregiver for a Newborn in Maryland


1. Know the licensure laws for Maryland caregivers.

According to the Maryland State Department of Education, any person who cares for your newborn more than 20 hours per month who is paid by you needs to have a state license.

Any out-of-home caregivers unrelated to the child for whom they care must be licensed according to Maryland state laws or they are operating illegally.


2. Maryland Family Network

Visit the Maryland Family Network website to perform a search for licensed child care providers and caregivers in Maryland.

By clicking on the “Do your Own Search” link, you will be able to locate a comprehensive list of licensed caregivers in Maryland.


3. Create an Account

Create an account by typing a username and password into the provided boxes once you click the “Click Here” link that directs you to create an account.

You will also need to provide your first and last name and your email address. Once you do this, click “Register” and then log in. Accept the terms and use conditions.


4. Provide the information requested to locate a licensed caregiver in Maryland.

You will need to provide your home address, the age of your newborn, the type of child care setting you are looking for, such as at-home or day care and times you would like to drop off and pick up your newborn. Also choose the distance you want to search from your home address.


5. Look at List and Choose One

Peruse the list of child care providers licensed in Maryland, and choose the ones who look promising to you. You will want to notate the names, addresses and contact information of each provider you find promising and call each one to talk.


6. Ask questions that you find important when speaking to child care providers.

Some important questions, aside from asking to see state licenses, include asking how each caregiver would soothe your crying baby, feed the baby, discipline children, whether or not she smokes, if she has children of her own, if she has experience with newborns and what type of training she has.


7. Talk to other parents who use the same provider, if you can.

For example, if you visit a day care center, stop some parents in the hall and ask them how they feel about the center. Their feedback is important. You will want to feel comfortable, and you will want your newborn to feel comfortable with his new caregiver.


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How to Find a Caregiver for a Newborn in Maryland


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