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How to File a Trip Cancellation Insurance Claim

If you’re set to leave on a vacation but you or someone in your family falls ill at the last moment, you’re probably canceling your vacation. Chances are, too, that you already paid for all or most of your trip.

Many people cover the loss of these expenses by purchasing trip cancellation insurance. If you’re one of these people and you’re canceling your trip, here’s how to file a claim.


5 Steps to File a Trip Cancellation Insurance Claim

How to File a Trip Cancellation Insurance Claim

1. Contact the insurance company holding the trip cancellation insurance policy and request a claim form.

You can call and have a form mailed or, in most cases, you can download a claim form on the company’s website.


2. Prepare receipts and itemized bills for all expenses you’ve already paid for the trip.

Your insurance company requests these items along with your claim form so it can determine the amount that you receive back.


3. Attach documentation showing the reason for the trip cancellation.

If the cancellation is due to an illness or injury, include copies of hospital or doctor’s bills. If the trip is canceled due to the fault of an airline or hotel delay, enclose documentation showing this delay.


4. Send any documentation showing refunds from an airline or hotel due to the trip cancellation.

Also, show any penalties from airlines or hotels resulting from the cancellation.


5 . Obtain a letter from your travel agent, hotel or airline carrier explaining any non-refundable costs should you cancel your trip at the last minute.


Tips and Warnings

  • Talk to your insurance company immediately after canceling a trip. Some companies may have a penalty for filing late, and you then can’t recover some or all of your expenses.
  • Canceling your trip due to financial hardship may require you to show any correspondence with your credit card company, if you placed the cost of the trip on a major credit card.


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