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How to Feng Shui a Work Space

Feng shui, or “wind water,” has been part of the Chinese culture for 3,000 years. It is the art of creating harmony and balance in your physical surroundings to enhance your life and have better fortune.

The aim of feng shui is for a person to live with nature and thus create a positive flow of energy from the environment. Although often used for furniture placement in someone’s house, it can also provide a better design for a work space, so you are more productive and enjoy your work.


Things You’ll Need

  • Artwork and/or posters to depict success
  • Office furniture, wood and metal
  • Plants
  • Red item


Prepare Your Office for Peace and Tranquility

How to Feng Shui a Work Space

1. Place your desk outward from a wall or corner at a diagonal direction toward the doorway, so that you are in a “leadership” position and can see people as they come in.

Although you want to face your entrance and welcome others, do not have a view of the outside hallway. Design the wall across from you with colorful artwork or some decoration that gives you personal pleasure.


2. Stand in the doorway and designate your “area of wealth” in your work space’s upper left corner.

Here you want to put any items that have to do with wealth. For example, this is where you should place your computer and business success books and hang your diploma and other certificates of honor.

Feng shui items of wealth include a picture of flowing or falling water, an aquarium or fountain, a green plant to signify growth, and anything that is red to symbolize fame and good fortune.


3. Energize your work space by keeping it uncluttered and lit brightly and avoiding white blank walls.

Paint the walls in soft greens or blues and put up artwork or photographs that symbolize success and teamwork. The pictures should have gold or silver frames and be placed on the walls that face west or northwest.


4. Place in the east and southeast areas of the room those items that symbolize energy for building business and success.

These can include greenery that stretches upward. The plants can be real, if you have a green thumb, or soft silk replicas.


5. Incorporate both wood and metal, the elements, into your design.

Most of the furniture will be made out of wood, but you can add a small metal table or sculpture as a decoration.


Tips & Warnings
Never overcrowd a room with o much furniture or work materials and always keep things neat.


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