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How to Feel Attractive During Pregnancy

Your body will undergo significant changes throughout pregnancy, including weight redistribution and gain. As the baby grows, some women feel ungainly, which can lead to feeling unattractive. Stay positive about your changing body so you can continue to feel attractive during the entire nine months. A little personal pampering can help you feel pretty and pregnant at the same time.


Attractive During Pregnancy


Keep Your Style

Each stage of your pregnancy will require different clothing to fit your expanding belly. If your clothes fit you well and you feel comfortable in them, you’re more likely to feel attractive. When your pre-pregnancy wardrobe begins to feel restrictive, try going up a size in regular clothing until you’re ready for a full maternity wardrobe. Once you do move into maternity clothes, opt for fashionable separates that fit your style, from conservative to funky. Maternity clothing is available in a variety of styles, just like standard clothing, so shop until you find clothes that help you feel comfortable.


Remain Active

Steady weight gain is necessary to support the growing fetus, but you might feel frustrated with the way your body begins to change. A regular exercise program during a pregnancy that is without medical or obstetric complications. Regular exercise can help boost your self-esteem and reduce anxiety about body image and weight gain. Exercise can also help you keep your weight gain within recommended limits – between 25 and 35 pounds for women of normal weight.


Pamper Yourself

Feeling special may enhance an attitude of well-being, which could help you feel more attractive. Look for ways to pamper yourself during your pregnancy, advises Brandon. Buy stylish accessories, such as a necklace or a funky hat, to set off a maternity outfit. Some women notice thicker and faster-growing hair during pregnancy. Get your hair cut and styled regularly while pregnant to keep up with this growth, if necessary. Consider other special pampering, such as a pregnancy massage or a pedicure.


Get Support

Talk with your partner if you have issues with feeling unattractive during pregnancy. Chances are, he’s enjoying the changes in your pregnant body and he can reassure you you’re still as beautiful as always. Consult a nutritionist for guidance about your pregnancy diet to ensure you eat properly and gain the recommended amount of weight. The nutritionist can help you with an eating plan and menus a nonprofit health and wellness organization. Speak with a therapist if issues with body image are bothering you and you can’t work through them.


A Word about Intimacy

It’s common to worry about how your partner feels about your changing body, advises therapist Rob Jackson, writing for the Pure Intimacy website. If you’ve struggled with body image issues in the past, you may be especially prone to worries about your changing body, which can affect how you connect with your partner during pregnancy. Try to focus on maintaining a positive connection with your partner so you can enjoy the pregnancy together, and intimacy will likely be a natural result of this connection.


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