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How to Do the Warrior to Wall Yoga Position in Late Pregnancy

The Warrior to Wall pose brings intense energy. This pose will not only help you to draw strength, but it will also increase your awareness of breathing.

Directing this energy will also help you to release the pelvic muscles, which will be of great benefit in labor. This pose is also known as the Adapted Virabhadrasana. Here are the steps to doing it correctly.


Things You’ll Need

  • Wall
  • Pillows or yoga mat


6 Steps to Do the Warrior to Wall Yoga Position in Late Pregnancy

Wall Yoga Position in Late Pregnancy

1. Stand up facing a wall and place your forearms on it.

Pull your left leg back and bend your right knee forward while keeping your hips straight. Slowly take in four breaths and with each breath out, press your hands against the wall.


2. Cross your forearms so that your elbows can rest against the wall.

Place your forehead on your forearms in a complete resting position. While keeping your left foot in place, lean forward so that your right knee is touching the wall. Feel your ribcage expand as you take four more deep breaths.


3. Breathe in while extending your left arm towards the ceiling.

While you are exhaling, stretch into your fingertips while pressing your left heel into the floor. Focus on keeping your right side totally relaxed.


4. Keep your right knee touching the wall and bring your left knee to the floor.

Lower your hands so that both of your forearms rest against the wall. Gently tuck your tailbone so that you totally relax your back. Breathe deeply and slowly for four breaths.


5. After the breathing exercises are done, rest on cushions either in the Turtle pose or the Child’s pose.


6. When you feel ready, repeat this sequence on the other side.



Tips & Warnings

  • You can lift the inner arches of your feet to relieve pressure on your pelvis.
  • Put pillows or a yoga mat under your knees if it feels more comfortable.
  • Stretch your hamstrings and calf muscles before engaging in poses to avoid muscle soreness.


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