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How to Do Standing Glute Lift Exercises for Pregnant Women

Your gluteus muscles in your legs and backside may be easy to ignore during pregnancy. However, strengthening your glutes can be advantageous for improving your stamina, which may be useful during labor and delivery, according to Robin Elise Weiss, author of “The Everything Pregnancy Fitness.”

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends moderate exercise for pregnant women in uncomplicated pregnancies.


7 Steps to Do Standing Glute Lift Exercises for Pregnant Women



1. Check with your health care practitioner before initiating an exercise program to ensure that it’s safe for you and your baby to proceed.

Explain specific exercises you plan to perform, including standing glute lift exercises, so your practitioner can clear you to perform the exercise safely.


2. Stand facing a wall or behind a straight dining room chair, slightly less than arm’s length away from the wall or chair to enable you to reach out and touch it with slightly bent arms.


3. Place your hands flat against the wall approximately shoulder width apart or rest your hands lightly on the back of the chair.

Holding the wall or chair will help you remain balanced.


4. Place your feet hip width apart, toes pointing forward, standing straight and tall.


5. Lift one leg while transferring your weight onto your remaining leg.

Squeeze your glutes while you move your leg straight back. As you move your leg up and back, keep your leg straight and raise your leg only as far as you can lift it comfortably and safely. Concentrate on using your gluteus muscles to lift your leg while maintaining your balance.


6. Return your leg to its starting position.


7. Repeat the leg lifts eight to 10 times with this leg and then switch to the other leg.


Tips & Warnings

  • Add additional resistance to your glute lifts by attaching a stretch band to both ankles, if you desire. As you raise one leg behind, you will experience additional resistance from the band that you must stretch against.
  • Pay attention to how your body feels as you exercise during your pregnancy. As the weeks and months go by, it’s likely that you will slow down and notice that your stamina decreases. Stop performing any exercise if you feel uncomfortable.


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