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How to Discover a Positive Self Image

Having a positive self-image and self-esteem can lead to many rewards in life, including improved personal relationships. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have self-confidence, and low self-image is a very common issue. Several tips can help people on their quest to discovering strong self-image and confidence.


10 Steps to Discover a Positive Self Image

Positive Self Image

1. Set goals.

Think about your dreams and what you would like to achieve in life, whether it is professionally or personally. Attain some clarity about what it is exactly that you desire and figure out how you are going to achieve it.

If it is a lofty or difficult goal, divide the necessary tasks that you need to accomplish it into smaller and more manageable steps. Also, write your goals down so you aren’t tempted to stray from them.


2. Be true to who you are.

Many people suffer from poor self-image because they live their lives according to how they believe others want them to. Instead of worrying about what other people think and their judgments of you, focus on what you feel is right and what feels good to you.

This doesn’t mean shutting out advice entirely, but ultimately being the master of your own decision-making process. Please yourself, not others.


3. Quit the comparisons.

Comparing yourself unfavorably to others is a battle that no one will ever win. No matter how young, slender, intelligent and witty you might be, there always will be someone “better.” Instead, focus on what makes you happy about yourself and what you can do to accentuate those qualities. Stop focusing on things that you cannot change about yourself.


4. Exercise regularly.

One great way in which to discover a positive self-image is by engaging in routine exercise. Not only can exercise help make you physically fit (which in turn can make you have more body confidence), it can also do wonders for uplifting your mental state.

Working out raises serotonin levels in the brain, which can help you to fight depression and feel better about yourself, naturally.


5. Stop putting yourself down.

It is impossible to put yourself in a positive mindset if you never stop insulting yourself, whether it is about your physical appearance, your intelligence or anything else.

Apart from creating a negative overall mood, it can also influence how others think and feel about you, which can contribute to them treating you the same (bad) way you view yourself. Instead of insulting yourself, acknowledge what is good about you, such as your writing skills or your cooking abilities.


6. Avoid obsessing over mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, whether they are a rocket scientist, zoologist or housekeeper. Regret gets you nowhere and just leaves you feeling sorry for yourself and wasting time.


7. Confront your biggest fears.

Think about what it is that intimidates you the most in your life, whether it is telling your negative sister how you really feel about her behavior or changing your career. If you successfully overcome and win the battle over your fear, it can help to greatly increase your self-image.


8. Nourish yourself.

One way to develop a positive self-image is by taking care of yourself. You can do this by consuming a healthier diet, reading uplifting literature, engaging in relaxing activities (such as meditation and yoga) or expanding your knowledge, whether it is from learning about world history or learning how to speak a foreign language.


9. Have gratitude.

Even though it can be difficult to feel grateful when you are upset about your life and feel hopeless, it is vital to embrace the things that you do have in life, whether it is a good friend, your health or a hobby that makes you happy and fulfills you. Focusing on the good things in your life can do wonders in raising your self- confidence.


10. Do something for others.

Be selfless. Instead of thinking only about yourself, think about someone else. Volunteer at your local women’s shelter. Engage in community service by helping out a senior citizen with mobility or health problems. Helping others can make you feel great about yourself, which in turn can make you feel like you have a purpose in life.


Tips & Warnings
Achieving a positive self-image takes time and patience. Do not expect things to change overnight. Self-improvement is a gradual but rewarding process.


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