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How to Develop Professionalism in the Work Place

A workplace environment consists of many different individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds. As a result, behaviors that might be considered unprofessional by one employee might not be considered unprofessional by another because of differences in cultures or upbringings.

With so many personalities, it can be difficult to bring professional cohesiveness into your company unless you devise a standard professional protocol.


Ways to Develop Professionalism in the Work Place

Professionalism in the Work Place


Create a handbook that describes to the employees the type of behavior that is expected from them in the workplace. The handbook should include things that are tolerated and things that are not tolerated. For example, cover the type of clothing that is allowed and not allowed, the type of language that is allowed and not allowed, and other matters such as chewing gum, eating, confidentiality, communicating with customers and dating in the workplace.

Document in the handbook the consequences for not following the professional behavior guidelines that have been established.

Include a form at the end of the handbook for the employee to sign and date indicating that she has read and agrees to abide by the professional guidelines that have been set forth.

Collect the signed form from the employee and place it in his employment file.

Enforce the guidelines. If you see an employee breaking the rules of conduct, hold her accountable. Otherwise, your employees will not take the rules seriously.

Lead by example. If the employees see you breaking the rules of professionalism, it encourages them to do the same.


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