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How to Determine If Your Spouse or You are Having an Emotional Affair

Today’s most harmful form or cheating is is no longer considered a “sexual affiar” but an emotional affair. Most of the time they start out harmless but eventually turn into something more scandalous.

Sometimes even the people involved can misread what’s really going on. Follow this guide for a better understanding of what happens in an emotional affair.


Ways to Determine If Your Spouse or You are having an Emotional Affair

You are having an Emotional Affair

If you find yourself having to justify talking to this person and stating that that person is “just a friend” to yourself/friend . That is bad; you should never have to justify talking someone. If you are; it’s only because you have something to hide and may not even know it yet.

If you often find yourself thinking about this person when you are with your spouse this could be dangerous. This means that you have allowed this to become more than friends.

Another sure sign that you may be starting an emotions affair…when you can’t wait to see that person again and find yourself anxious to let them know the latest and greatest news going on in your life. We have all had that feeling but usually with someone we love or are falling in love with. If you are feeling this away about someone you are not married too; you may stop feeling that way for your partner. This will allow for other emotions for you partner to stop.

If you often find yourself sharing things with this person that you don’t usually share with “friends”, this is risky. Sharing “personal” things with them proves that you have become way too comfortable with that person. This will also make you start thinking this friend is closer to you and understands you more than your spouse does. Most people at this point in their relationship begin finding faults in their spouse and sharing them with their friends.

If you start spending time by yourself with this person, you are treading on thin ice and need to decide if this is really what you want in your relationship. You may have to rethink your idea of “friendship” if you are truly not trying to have an emotional affair.

If you are married or committed and have any of the above symptoms. Be careful how you continue this relationship; this can cause big problems in a marriage and even cause a divorce. You must think about what you want; divoce is hard on everyone invovled.

Try to talk to someone and make sure that is what you want before you hurt someone or lose some really great. We all get “complaicement” in our relationships; this is something you can overcome.


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