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How to Detect Demons in Your Life

Demons are evil spirits referenced in the scriptures of Buddhism, Christianity, Gnosticism, Judaism and Hinduism. In scripture and mythology, demons are portrayed as malevolent spirits whose purpose is to disrupt and distract acts of righteousness.

Demons manifest as negative emotions such as stress, depression, anxiety and anger. Detecting the demons in your life is the first step toward developing techniques of meditation and prayer that will allow you to take control of your emotions and become free of demons.


4 Steps to Detect Demons in Your Life

Demons in Your Life

1. Make a note of each time throughout the day that you feel strong negative emotions.

As a negative emotion surfaces, your body releases cortisol, which causes your heart rate to elevate and your skin to flush. Each person has a slightly different physical reaction to stress, but with practice the physical signs of a stress reaction can be recognized in enough time to take steps to prevent an emotional meltdown.


2. Record your emotional highs and lows at the end of each day in a journal.

Chart patterns or rhythms to your emotional cycles and note the events that corresponded to negative emotions.


3. Practice guided visualization, a meditation technique where a person imagines a scene which provides a feeling of peace.

Sit in a quiet, comfortable space. Picture a comfortable place in your mind. Imagine the smells, sounds and temperature. Guided visualization can be used to upset the arousal cycle of a stress reaction.


4. Breathe deeply when you detect the emotional triggers that indicate the presence of a demon.

As you breathe in, visualize your strength growing. As you breathe out, feel yourself releasing the negative emotion.


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