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How to Design a Nursery Online

As you anxiously await the arrival of your new little bundle of joy, your mind is filled with visions of how you’ll decorate your nursery. Bring your ideas to life with one of the many nursery design tools available online.

This gives you an opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t in your nursery before you invest money and time. Keep your room size in mind to avoid overcrowding. Measure it before you begin and consider your available space while you design.

Nursery Online


Choose a Design Tool

Choosing which online design tool you’d like to use for creating your dream nursery might be the toughest task as there are so many. If you have a favorite retailer, interior design business or brand, check their websites first to see if they offer this service. If not, there are several dedicated nursery design websites you can check out.

Each tool will vary, but many let you select your room size, flooring, wall colors, furniture, decorations, bedding and accessories. Some tools allow you to save your designs, so that you can work on them over time and make changes as you go. The best tool for you will be one that includes all the features you need. If you are putting in new flooring, for example, you’ll want a site that let’s you plug in different types of carpet or laminate.


Pick a Theme

Many parents want a nursery with a certain theme or style, which can be gender-specific or gender-neutral. Gender-neutral themes offered by online tools might include safari animals, cartoon characters, owls, polka dots or the alphabet.

Boy themes could be cars, trucks, sports, cowboys, airplanes or a camo motif. For girl themes, many tools offer butterflies, princesses, ladybugs or floral patterns. With the right touch, many of these boy and girl themes could be used for either gender — the online tool will let you see it first so you can determine if the theme or style aligns with your vision.


Color Scheme

After choosing a theme, it’s time to use the tool to pick a color scheme for your nursery. You could go with a simple, solid color on the walls or go all out with a pattern, wall appliques or a mural painted on the walls to match your theme.

Some of the online tools give you the option of adding solid colors or patterns to the nursery walls, so you can see what it might look like in your nursery.This is a simple way to play around with your color ideas without painting the nursery multiple times.


Furniture, Bedding and Decor

Choosing furniture and bedding for your nursery might be the most fun of all your design tasks. Using the online nursery design tool, select the type of crib you want, along with other furniture pieces, such as a dresser, changing table, shelving units, a rocking chair and storage pieces.

Keep your budget in mind, though; starting out with the basics can still result in a charming nursery. Once the crib is selected, pick from the bedding selections to complement. If you wish, accessorize your design with window treatments, wall hangings, a rug and other decorative items to complete the look of your nursery.


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