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How to Decorate an Office Door

Decorating your office door can be enjoyable and can provide a pleasant distraction to your everyday work responsibilities.

The point to remember when decorating, though, is that it is an office door in a workplace where co-workers and clients will see everything you put on your door.


Things You’ll Need

  • Photos
  • Adhesive
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors


Ways to Decorate an Office Door

Decorate an Office Door


Consult your employee handbook or human resources office to get the company guidelines on what items you can and cannot use when decorating your office and your door. Also, check with your supervisor to get his guidance on company policy.

Determine the best way to attach items to your door. You may need to use adhesive tape, push pins, or poster strips or dots.

Use subdued colors to maintain the professionalism of your office area. Ask your co-workers to provide their feedback and opinion on your decorations.

Choose photos of your family and friends, but keep them clean and professional. Use smaller photos, outlined with paper frames.

Decorate as appropriate for the holidays and change of seasons. Post paper leaves around the edges of the door during the autumn months, flowers in the spring.


Tips & Warnings

  • Less is better when it comes to decorating an office door. Keep the decorations simple and to a minimum.
  • Do not post pictures of you in a bikini at the beach over the summer or of your children naked on a rug. These could be offensive to co-workers.


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