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How to Decorate a Boy’s Nursery

Whether you’re searching for a traditional or new and trendy nursery, a little bit of planning and preparation will help you to create a soothing environment for your new baby boy. You can transform the room with traditional boy colors and themes or opt for less gender-specific nursery decor to suit your preferences. Try to get started early — at least a month before baby is due — to give you plenty of time to implement your decorating ideas.


Things You’ll Need

  • Paint
  • Furniture (crib, dresser, changing table)
  • Closet organization system (optional)
  • Fitted sheets
  • Additional baby bedding (optional)
  • Window treatments
  • Room accent pieces


Decorate a Boy's Nursery


Determine a theme for the nursery.

This will help to determine the color scheme, furniture choices and accent pieces. You can choose a safari or jungle theme, a trains and trucks theme or a sports theme. You can also avoid a theme altogether so your child will not outgrow the room too soon.


Paint the room according to your theme.

Green is a calming and soothing color and complements a safari theme, and blue, a traditional color choice for a boy’s room, encourages tranquility and relaxation — it has even proven to lower blood pressure, explains the Paint Quality Institute.

While yellow walls might make the room more vibrant, the color can encourage feelings of tension and anxiety. Red is a bold color choice, but it is a stimulating, energy-enhancing color, according to the Paint Quality Institute, and it might be counterproductive to relaxation and sleep in your baby boy’s nursery.


Fill the room with functional furniture.

If you’ve opted for a race car nursery, look for sleek and trendy furniture to coordinate with the theme. If you’ve chosen to decorate the room with old-fashioned teddy bears, opt for new furniture with an antique look instead.

You’ll need a crib for your baby, but other furniture is optional. However, be sure the crib does not have a drop side, has a rail that is at least 26 inches from the mattress top and has bars that have no more than 2 3/8 inches in between them, advises the American Academy of Pediatrics on the healthychildren.org website.


If you have plenty of space, add a matching chest of drawers or armoire, a changing table and a rocking chair.

If you have a limited amount of space, skip the extra furniture and install a closet storage system that will enable you to keep baby supplies, such as blankets, bedding, diapering supplies and clothing, stored neatly and conveniently in the closet. Less furniture will also require less baby proofing in the future.


Enhance the room with fabrics.

Choose bedding that coordinates with the room’s theme, such as animals for a jungle theme or trains to coordinate with a transportation theme. The crib will require fitted sheets — however, no other bedding should be used when your baby is sleeping in the crib.

For decorative purposes, you can buy bumper pads, blankets and comforters with the same theme, but remove these before every nap time and bedtime to avoid suffocation hazards. Choose matching window treatments, but opt only for cordless treatments or ensure the cord can be secured far out of your baby’s reach.


Add accent pieces to the room.

You can hang wall art or paint a mural on one wall, such as a racetrack, a baseball diamond or an African safari, to tie into the theme, or hang wall stickers so you can remove them once your child has outgrown the theme. Other accent pieces to consider include a lamp with a decorative lampshade, a crib mobile, a floor rug and a light switch cover.



Tips and Warnings

  • When choosing the nursery’s paint color, keep in mind that dark hues will make the room appear smaller, whereas light colors can open up a room, giving the sensation of more space.
  • Young infants are most stimulated by color contrasts, such as black and white checkerboard patterns or concentric circles. However, these might be extreme color choices for the nursery. Instead of dramatic colors and patterns, incorporate stimulating accents for your baby with a crib mobile, a basket of toys or a piece of wall art hung near your infant’s bed.
  • When determining the placement of your baby’s crib, avoid placing it underneath a window or ensure you have cordless window treatments to avoid strangulation hazards.


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