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How to Decode a Man’s Dating Profile

Online dating is more popular than ever in the United States. With millions of people going online to find dates each year, you’ll have a little weeding out to do. It’s bad enough that you have to wonder if a man’s photo is 10 years old – or he is.

Figuring out what kind of person he is from the words he has written is an even greater challenge. Thankfully, there are clues hidden in every man’s profile that can give insight into whether you want to communicate with him or go on a date. Read between the lines and you may find out more than you expected.


5 Steps to Decode a Man’s Dating Profile

Man's Dating Profile


1. Consider his screen name. Is it “YoPimp” or “StudMuf”?

Stay far, far away. Look for clever names such as “CarbonLifeForm” or straight-forward names that say who he is or where he’s from, such as “SouthernGent.” A man with an offensive screen name is likely to be offensive in person.


2. Check out his profile photo.

Did he choose one with a woman cut out of it? Could he not have had a friend take a new photo? Does he use the picture to show off his tattoos or specific body parts? You may be looking for someone who’s not quite so shallow.

Is he smiling in the photo, or is he cultivating an Emo look? You might not want to date someone as moody as a 13-year-old girl. Look for photos that show a well-groomed, smiling man wearing clothes. These are all signs of a well-balanced man.


3. Take a look at the length of his profile.

Did he answer all the questions using complete sentences or just type a word here and there? If he completed his profile using correct spelling and grammar, he may be an educated person who is serious about finding a partner.

If he skipped some questions and gave spotty answers, it could be that he is illiterate or has done the minimum needed to gain access to women’s profiles. This type of guy is likely to value quantity over quality in the dating world.


4. Pay attention to his tone – is it primarily positive or negative?

If he lists what he doesn’t want in a woman, such as “No game players or gold diggers,” he has likely been hurt before, and may be guarded. Look for upbeat statements like “I love a woman who is able to express her ideas.” You definitely want a guy who looks on the sunny side of dating.


5. What are his interests?

Does he enjoy “long walks on the beach”? A man who resorts to clichés may not be very creative. He also may not have many interests beyond watching television or playing World of Warcraft. Avoid the boring boys by choosing guys who like to do interesting things.



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