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How to Deal With Grumpiness

Our attitudes are some of the most difficult things in life to fix. Grumpiness can be more than just a bad mood; sometimes a grumpy attitude can linger for too long and lead to chronic negativity.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to help alleviate and even liven your own grumpy mood. Many of the following methods can also be used to help co-workers, friends and family when they get down in the dumps.


4 Steps to Deal With Grumpiness

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1. Let it pass.

Although it sounds overly simple, sometimes nursing a bad mood can make it linger. Distract yourself with a busy activity like housework, a brisk walk or hitting the gym.


2. Bright colors can also brighten a mood.

Resist the urge to reinforce your grumpiness by sitting in a dark room with depressing music or other moody activities. Do the opposite of what you feel, like watching a funny movie or wearing a colorful shirt, to switch the polarity of your mood.


3. Use positive affirmations to counter negative self-criticism and balance your mood.

This can also help to analyze the roots or triggers of the bad mood, if indeed there are any.


4. Socialize with fun, happy people to stay fun and happy yourself.

Socialize with positive people who bring out the best in you. Avoid chronically negative people. Attitudes, both negative and positive, are contagious.


Tips and Warnings

  • It can be difficult to end friendships that are having a negative effect on your life. Don’t feel the need to explain to perpetually rude, constantly angry or chronically negative people why you avoid them. This is about your comfort and mental health, not theirs.
  • Occasionally, what some may brush off as a grumpy mood may be a more serious problem. The symptoms of clinical psychiatric conditions like depression may mimic grumpiness. If a bout of fatigue, lethargy or loneliness persists more than a few days and also affects normal eating and sleeping habits, seek professional advice.


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