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How to Deal With Being Petite

Dealing with being petite can be challenging. Think about the hardships when it comes to buying clothes, shoes and being among those who are a lot taller than you.

It can even get unpleasant especially when people make comments that seem funny to them but are actually insulting to you. But being petite doesn’t have to be all frustration.


7 Steps to Deal With Being Petite

Being Petite

1. Take confidence in yourself.

Know that even though you are petite, you have other great assets–your personality, talents and abilities. Believe in yourself and your own self worth. When you have good self-esteem, no one can take that away from you. This is the first thing you have to cultivate and your ultimate defense.


2. Maintain a good sense of humor and do not take offense easily.

Do not take other’s comments of your petite size to be an insult or intent to mock.


3. Smile and let your wonderful personality shine forth.

People will like you for who you are.


4. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help to retrieve things that are out of your reach.

People are happy to help and you’ll make new friends.


5. Seek out stores that sell clothes and shoes that can fit your body shape and bring out the best of you.

Shop early for your wardrobe needs as these sizes tend to run out fast.


6. Have fun being petite; think about those who wish they are in your shoes.

Be grateful for what you have.


7. Remember everyone has their own challenges, even non-petite people.

We each have to learn to love ourselves and others for who they really are.


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