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How to Deal With a Rude and Demeaning Coworker

Some coworkers are rude because of personal problems and you shouldn’t take their behavior to heart, according to Scott Eblin, author of “The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success.”

This, in any case, doesn’t mean you should lay back as they strip back your layers of resistance to investigate every one of your catches. End the bad behavior by addressing it before it escalates and causes you even more grief.


5 Steps to Deal With a Rude and Demeaning Coworker

Demeaning Coworker


1. Look at the situation objectively.

Focus on exactly what is bothering you and why it is making you feel that your coworker is rude or demeaning. You may be overreacting, but if you prepare to bring the issue up to the coworker, you can determine whether she is being unreasonable.


2. Talk to a close friend or family member about the situation so you can more easily gauge whether the coworker is being unreasonable or if you are overreacting.

You may feel emotions that are blocking an objective outlook, but a friend can help.


3. Talk to the coworker and tell her that she is causing you grief and you want her to stop what you perceive as a rude and demeaning attitude.

Tell her what you find rude and demeaning and wait for her to respond. She may stop her attitude or she may continue, in which case you will need to take further action.


4. Be assertive when speaking with her and leave the conversation with a solution to the problem.

Address the issue as soon as you can, before it escalates.


5. Speak with your boss if the coworker doesn’t stop her behavior.

Explain how the coworker is being rude and tell your boss that the behavior is affecting your work.


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