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How to Date Someone On The Internet

Online dating services provide access to millions of people and help you find members who share your interests, values and goals. This type of dating can be highly successful, since you can screen members based on your own criteria, including age, location, likes and dislikes.

But the world of online dating can be confusing and dangerous — and should be practiced only by adults who understand the risks and use reputable and secure dating websites.


5 Steps to Date Someone On The Internet

Date Someone On The Internet


1. Determine what safety mechanisms you require from a dating website.

For example, you may require that the site screen all members or perform background checks. Consider whether you want the site to monitor webcam chats or other communication, along with the importance of an emergency phone number and a mechanism for preventing online abuse.


2. Research reputable dating websites and select the ones you’d like to join.

Cross-check your requirements with the standards of the websites and pick only those that meet them.


3. Follow the website’s instructions and format to set up your personal profile, which typically includes a screen name, your general location and a photograph

Omit any information that could allow other members to identify your specific location or access other private information. Use your best judgment regarding the information to include and always err on the side of caution.


4. Use the website’s communication channels to identify other members who might spark your interest.

Begin by e-mailing or instant-message chatting before using more personal communication, such as webcams or the telephone. Make sure to keep personal information private when communicating with other members.


5. Take your time in developing a relationship.

When you feel ready to meet the other member, practice extreme caution. Always pick a very public place, especially for the first few dates. Consider double- or group-dating with friends for the initial meetings.

Make sure to tell several friends or family members exactly where you’re going and who you are meeting. Set a time frame for when you’ll be there and when you expect to return home.


Tips & Warnings

  • Practice proper online etiquette when communicating with other members. Do not use vulgar or obscene language and avoid posting adult-oriented photographs or other information. Inappropriate behavior can result in expulsion from the website.
  • Some Internet dating websites charge a fee while others are free. Use research to determine your choices.
  • Be aware that the anonymity of online dating sites allows members to be less than truthful. Some may be married or otherwise attached. Always proceed with extreme caution when developing a relationship.
  • Practice safety measures when meeting another user. Meet only in a public, well-lit and familiar location.


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