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How to Date Foreign Men

Dating foreign seems to have a different psychology than dating local. We can guess that other dynamics come into play besides chemistry or love. So if you are serious about dating single foreign men make sure it is a choice and not your only option.

Everyone deserves romantic bliss that can only come when you feel great about yourself, first. Read on to learn how to date foreign men.


Things You’ll Need

  • Phrase book
  • Software for foreign language learning
  • Subscription to website for foreign relationships
  • Travel ticket to a foreign destination


5 Steps to Date Foreign Men

Date Foreign Men

1. Find out as much as you can about the culture of the foreign men you are planning to date

Things that are normal in your culture may be considered taboo in his culture and vice versa. By knowing what not to say or do you can prevent a potential misunderstanding that can ruin a relationship in its early stages.


2. Learn the language basics

If your social goal is casual dating then buying a phrase book to impress him should be enough. But if you have more serious goals in mind make a bigger time investment. Buy software that can help you learn a new language. You can also search the Internet for off line learning institutes in your area.


3. Contact the embassy of his country in your city

Tell them that you wish to gain experience in their culture. Ask them for volunteering opportunities within the community that can help you achieve this goal. If there is one thing that has been proven to work it is networking. Volunteering will help you network within his cultural community.


4. Travel to his country if you have this option

Travel, when well planned, makes people feel great. When you feel great, you look great and when you look great, single men take notice. You may travel with a group so that you have emotional support.


5. Join one of the many websites that specialize in foreign dating

The Internet is a tool that certainly makes dating for single people more efficient.


Tips and Warnings

  • Find out about the culture that interests you from more sources than just travel guides. Certain travel guides tend to be overprotective towards women travelers and may portray foreign men with exaggerated negative stereotypes that may turn you off.
  • Different cultures have different views towards women. For example, not all cultures have had women’s rights movements as part of their history
  • Be aware of Internet dating scams. If you consulted an online dating service do your research before commit cash.


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