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How to Customize Your Cubicle at Work

Lots of people fill their cubicles with family photos and the company calendar, but there are ways you can make your cubicle both personal and completely different from anyone else’s.

The more you personalize your office space, the more comfortable you’ll feel at work.


How to Customize Your Cubicle at Work

Cubicle at Work


Take everything off of the walls of your cubicle and clean the entire space before you decorate.

Wallpaper your cubicle walls with fabric using decorative brass fabric tacks. If you don’t want the tacks to show, use unobtrusive stick pins.

Add a wallpaper border to the top of your cubicle wall and also at height of your desktop. Use the same pins you used in Step 2 to attach the wallpaper border in place.

Cut wallpaper panels to fit the size of your desk surface and lay it flat. Once you have it in position, cover it with a clear plastic desk protector. For large surfaces, you can use plexiglass panels cut to size.

Place an attractive wooden computer shelf in the corner of your desk to lift your monitor up and add a decorative touch.

Organize your reference materials into colored binders that you can line up to mimic the look of a bookshelf. Choose different color binders for different topics so you can always grab what you need and work efficiently.

Accessorize to complete decorating your cubicle space. Add a dish of potpourri for fresh air, your own personal accessories and your favorite coffee mug.


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