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How to Create a Target Baby Registry

One of the more enjoyable activities while waiting for a new baby is creating a baby registry. Making a Target baby registry gives you the fun of shopping for your new baby without actually spending any money.

You get to pick out baby gear, essentials and clothes as you build a Target baby registry. The Target baby registry helps guide family and friends who would like to help you welcome the new baby.

Target Baby Registry


Setting up the Baby Registry

1. Create a Target account online, or log in to your current Target online account.

Find the “Create Baby Registry” link on the website (you may need to search for “baby registry”).


2. Fill in the requested information, beginning with baby’s estimated arrival date and sex if known.

Include parent information so friends can find your registry.


3. Create a store kiosk password to allow you to make changes to your Target baby registry in Target stores.


4. Choose a shipping address for mailed gifts and decide on Target baby registry options, such as allowing friends to see your registry online.



Building the Baby Registry

1. Take stock of what you already have and the hand-me-downs offered to you, so you know what you really need before you start.

If someone has offered to lend you a baby ExerSaucer, take them up on it, and find something else for your Target baby registry, such as an infant swing.


2. Look at Target’s Top Registry Items list to get ideas for your baby registry.

You’ll see pictures of items that would be good to have, such as the First Years Close-and-Secure Sleeper for keeping baby close to you at night safely. Add the items you need for your little one.


3. Start shopping for the essentials you need in order to care for your infant and add them to your target baby registry.

If you plan to breastfeed but will need to spend time away from the baby, add a good breast pump to your Target baby registry. Add a baby carrier such as a Hotsling, and of course you’ll need a safe new baby car seat for safe traveling.


4. Shop for fun baby toys and cute little clothes.

After the basics are covered, have fun with your Target baby registry, dreaming of the joy you’ll have dressing your new baby and rocking him to sleep under sweet little baby blankets.


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