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How to Create a Pregnancy Memory Journal

You would probably like to forget certain parts of your pregnancy, such as morning sickness and swollen ankles, but many parts are worth remembering. A pregnancy memory journal is one way to record the important milestones of being pregnant, as well as jot down your feelings, expectations and hopes for your unborn baby. It’s also a good place to keep all of the mementos, such as ultrasound images, that go along with your pregnancy.


Things You’ll Need

  • Blank notebook
  • Pen
  • Photographs


5 Steps to Create a Pregnancy Memory Journal

Pregnancy Memory Journal


1. Record the day you found you were pregnant and how you felt about it on the first page of your memory journal.

You might add how you told your partner and how you shared the news with family and friends, too. Jot down your due date.


2. Note important milestones throughout your pregnancy.

Perhaps you would like to keep a record of how much weight you gain each month, what your food cravings are and how you feel as your pregnancy progresses. You might note important world events that occur during your pregnancy, as well as memorable dreams you have. Record when you first felt your baby start moving, too.


3. Add photographs to your memory journal.

Add an ultrasound image of your baby, including the one that reveals the sex of your baby if you find out ahead of time. Ask your partner to take a photo of your belly each month so you can watch the progression of your unborn baby’s growth. If you have a baby shower, take a few photographs to include so you can look back and recall who celebrated with you.


4. Write lists.

Perhaps you would like to include your lists of possible baby names and what each one means to you and your partner. You might write a list of what baby items you wish to have or people you want to notify as soon as you deliver. Keeping lists will help you stay organized, but it will also help you recall many things about your life while you were pregnant.


5. Write a letter, or several letters, to your unborn baby to include in your pregnancy memory journal.

You might include information about the changes your body is going through, what kind of mother you hope to be and all the hopes you have for your baby.


Tips and Warnings

  • Separate your journal into nine sections and dedicate one section for each month of your pregnancy.
  • Keep your pregnancy memory book in a safe place so you can share it with your child someday.


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