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How to Confirm a Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and terrifying time of life. Some people plan their pregnancies while others find themselves caught off guard. Sore breasts, nausea, and fatigue are all symptoms that point to pregnancy. They are, however, also symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Take the following steps to determine if you are pregnant or just experiencing symptoms before your period.


Things You’ll Need

  • 2 home pregnancy tests


5 Steps to Confirm a Pregnancy

Confirm a Pregnancy

1. Wait until you have gone at least 30 days without a period.

Performing any steps before you have missed your period could lead to a false negative.


2. Purchase at least two home pregnancy tests.

Always look for the tests that give early results. These can detect small amounts of the HCG pregnancy hormone that others cannot.


3. Wait until your first morning urine before taking the home pregnancy test.

Urinate on the stick for 5 seconds and wait 3 minutes for the results. Repeat this step if the test is negative or if the answer isn’t perfectly clear.


4. Call your OB-Gyn to schedule a blood test.

Blood tests are far more accurate and most clinics require them before performing prenatal care. Results can take hours or days depending on the clinic.


5. Schedule an internal exam.

Your doctor can tell by the location and appearance of your cervix if you are pregnant. The cervix of a pregnant woman pulls back and attains a bluish hue. In fact, even if you don’t tell your doctor you are suspicious, she will probably know right away.


Tips and Warnings

  • Faint lines on a home pregnancy test indicate a positive test. If there is any line at all, it doesn’t matter how dark it is.
  • If you go in for a routine pap smear and suspect you might be pregnant, tell your doctor before the procedure so precautions can be take.


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