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How to Conceive a Boy : Best Ways

Many couples try to conceive a certain gender of child. While most of this comes down to luck, there are several ways to conceive a boy. Listed below are the best ways to conceive a boy.


6 Steps to Conceive a Boy : Best Ways

Conceive a Boy

1. Have intercourse extremely close to ovulation.

This means no more than 24 hours before and no more than 12 hours past. By doing this you can help the aggressive y chromosomes get closer to the cervix and increase the chance of having a baby boy.


2. Dietary supplements: Evening Primrose Oil is one of the most common dietary supplements.

It is given to women as it increases their cervical mucus output, which is often rumored to help in the conception of boys. Potassium supplements are yet another supplement that are said to help a woman to conceive a boy.


3. Chinese conception chart: The Chinese conception chart is an amazing tool to help you determine whether or not you will have a boy.

This method is rumored to know the baby’s gender by using the mother’s age and the baby’s month of conception. Make sure to use lunar calendar dates, or you may get inaccurate results.


4. This method is contrary to a previous tip; however, it may work for you.

Have intercourse as far away from ovulation as possible. The tips involving the timing of intercourse often depend on the exact method and person, so results will vary widely.


5. The last and most expensive option is to use a specialized fertility clinic.

There are clinics around the country that have fairly good odds at producing embryos for the gender of your choice. For some people this may seem unethical but at the moment it is the best way to conceive a boy or girl.


6. Hopefully these methods will help you to conceive a healthy baby boy.

However, these are not all the ways to conceive a boy. Most of the gender selection process is left to chance, but by using these methods you are doing all you can to increase your odds of having a boy. Take a moment to check out the link below, in the resources area, for more information on ways to conceive a boy.


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