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How to Compare Travel Insurance in the USA

Travel is expensive and does not come without risks. Travel insurance protects travelers when they face situations such as canceling their trip due to illness or death, weather or world conflict.

Travel insurance may also cover lost and stolen baggage, medical care, evacuations and missed vacation days due to travel delays and missed connecting flights. Protection may include reimbursement and the ability to reschedule the trip at no or low cost. Several reputable companies offer travel insurance but each plan varies by type of coverage, level of coverage and cost.


5 Steps to Compare Travel Insurance in the USA

Compare Travel Insurance

1. Go to the websites of several travel insurers such as CSA Travel Protection, Travel Guard, Travelex and Travelsafe to get information about the travel insurance packages they offer

Print out the information or copy it off the websites and paste to a document where you can complete a side-by-side comparison.


2. Look at a variety of policies to see what they cover and consider what is most important to you.

For example, if you are often ill, look for policies covering medical emergencies and trip cancellation due to illness. If you often have unexpected business that precludes your vacation plans, look for easy trip cancellation coverage where extensive documentation is unnecessary.

If your trip is in February and you live in a snowy region, look for weather-related coverage. Other plans may cover lost baggage and missed connections. Compare plan to plan and review coverage, considering what is most important in meeting your potential and personal circumstances.


3. Compare coverage levels among travel insurance package plans

Review how much coverage they actually provide. For example, a variety of plans may offer reimbursement for lost/stolen baggage, compare how much reimbursement you would receive per plan.


4. Ask your travel agent for a recommendation of the best domestic travel insurance companies

Ask the agent what type of travel insurance he would purchase if he were planning a trip similar to yours. The agent has likely had direct experience and heard stories from his clients about travel insurance.


5. Compare pricing by gathering quotes directly from travel insurance companies websites or through a multi-company website such as SquareMouth

Each site will have a button to click that states “Get a Quote” or a similar instruction. Answer a few questions about what type of insurance you want, trip date, destination and age of travelers.

Click “Submit” or a similar instruction to receive your insurance quote.


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