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How to Compare Travel Health Insurance

Before you travel abroad, it is advisable to get travel health insurance to cover medical contingencies. It is important to know what coverage you are getting before deciding on a travel health insurance provider.


How to Compare Travel Health Insurance



Compare the areas of geographic coverage. Ensure the travel health insurance you purchase covers the region you will be visiting. If you travel frequently to various destinations, select one that covers more regions.



Compare the premium rates and what those costs will cover. Examine the duration of coverage, any co-pay percentages and claim instructions.

According to the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, vacation health insurance policies usually cover only short-term travel. Ensure you have enough coverage if your trip is of a long duration.


Terms of Use

Compare the terms and conditions before you decide on a travel health insurance provider.

To determine the right coverage level, find out the provider’s policies on preexisting conditions, hospitalization, prescriptions and ambulance transportation.


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