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How to Compare Long Stay Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, travel insurance can give you the peace of mind you need. Travel insurance is designed to protect consumers in the event their trip is canceled or they become ill or injured during their trip.

But as with any insurance decision, it is important to shop around carefully when buying a long stay travel insurance policy.


5 Steps to Compare Long Stay Travel Insurance

How to Compare Long Stay Travel Insurance

1. Contact the insurer who holds your car and homeowners’ insurance policies

The same insurer may also write travel insurance policies and you might be able to save some money as an existing customer.


2. Call the customer service number on the credit card you used to purchase the tickets for your trip

Some credit cards provide free travel insurance to their customers.


3. Request quotes from several different travel insurance agencies, both locally and on the Internet

Read the quotes carefully to determine what they do—and do not—cover.


4. Check the provisions for trip cancellation

A policy that provides compensation for cancellation fees is very important if the resort you plan to stay at charges high fees for canceled reservations.


5. Review the rules for submitting a claim to the insurance agency

Be sure you understand exactly what type of documentation is needed to submit a claim.


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