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How to Compare Backpacker Insurance

The modern traveler, who has to consider multiple factors when choosing backpacker or traveler’s insurance, is fortunate to have a variety of options in researching and choosing insurance.

Among the factors in picking the right insurance are the duration of the trip, your destinations, your age and your packing list.


Things You’ll Need

  • Internet
  • Personal or public computer
  • Itinerar
  • Passport or ID
  • Credit or debit card


3 Ways to Compare Backpacker Insurance

How to Compare Backpacker Insurance

1. Create an in itinerary and packing list

This is important because several factors could influence the cost of your insurance: your destinations, the type of trip you are taking, the size of your travel party, whether or not you are taking any electronics such as a cell phone or a laptop, whether you plan on camping or staying in hotels, whether you are going to eat in restaurants or have street food for your main sustenance and whether you are going to a politically hot country or a developed country.

Insurance can be higher if your trip is considered to be riskier due to political, safety or religious concerns. The more details you can list, the more accurate your quote will be.


2. Figure out the length of your trip

This will also affect the cost of your coverage. Shorter trips will cost less, while longer trips will obviously cause exponentially more. Short trips, such as a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, may not require any traveler’s insurance because you will not be doing any serious backpacking or tracking.

If you plan on spending a month in the mountains of central China, for example, then your rate is likely to be based on the length of your trip.


3. Start researching and comparing online

Hundreds of insurance companies offer traveler and backpacker insurance, and each company’s coverage levels and prices differ. Major names such as American Family offer policies for backpackers, but so do other companies such as Global Travel Shield or TFG Global Travel Insurance.

Professional backpackers have compiled resources that offer a number of tips for first timers as well as veteran backpackers. Most policies can be purchased with a debit or credit card, and you will need your ID and/or passport to purchase a policy.


Tips & Warnings
Never underestimate the value of over-planning. The more details about your trip you can figure out in advance, the more complete your policy comparison will be, and the better rates you can find. Bear in mind that certain countries require you to have backpacker/traveler’s insurance before you can pass through customs, so always research in advance.


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