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How to Color Hair During Pregnancy

Settling on the choice to shading your hair during pregnancy is a decision no one but you can make. It isn’t illicit, and dissimilar to smoking cigarettes or drinking liquor, scarcely any investigations have demonstrated that shading your hair can hurt your hatchling. Is it safe? Everything relies upon whom you inquire. On the off chance that you choose to shading your hair, you can find a way to limit the dangers, in the event that there are any.


Understanding What Coloring Your Hair Means for the Baby

Color Hair During Pregnancy

1. Understand the chemicals you are using and the effects they can have on your baby.

Salons are businesses, so hairstylists may not be completely honest. Talk to your doctor instead. A doctor’s first priority is the health of your child, and she will be more willing to give you an unbiased opinion.


2. Wait until the first trimester is over.

During the first trimester, many of the baby’s organs are developing and forming. This is when babies are most vulnerable and need to be kept as safe as possible.


3. Choose highlights instead of full coloring.

The less chemicals used, the safer your child will be. Even if you’ve always completely dyed your hair, look into highlighting instead. Highlighting your hair can cover your roots until the baby is born.


4. Avoid products with harmful chemicals.

Chemical-free hair-coloring products are available. Many salons don’t carry them. If you can’t find a salon in your area with chemical-free products, check online.


5. Schedule a day at the spa after your baby is born.

Get your husband or friends to take care of the baby for 2 or 3 hours so you can get your hair colored. You won’t have to worry about the chemicals anymore, and you’ll feel calm and refreshed for a few hours.


Tips & Warnings
The hormones in your system from the pregnancy may affect the way your hair colors. You may need more time or less time to complete the coloring process, so check (or have your stylist check) often.


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