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How to Choose a Good Place to Break Up

Breaking up can be a difficult affair. If you’ve decided it’s time to end a relationship, it’s important to set up the actual breakup and choose a good place to help make it less painful for everyone.

Learn how to pick an appropriate place to break up by following these steps.


What is the Best Place to Break up?

Good Place to Break Up

Try to anticipate his or her reaction. Are they likely to act reserved or get angry? Are they likely to cry, scream or even get violent? Breaking up in public can help keep both parties civil, but if you anticipate hysterics, a private setting will be better. Steer clear of any face-to-face potentially violent confrontation.

Choose the type of place to fit what you expect. Don’t do it in a place they love, like a favorite bar or favorite restaurant, as it can be too sentimental and emotional.

Choose a public place. Eateries can be good places to break up at, but avoid restaurants that take a long time to be served. Parks are a great public place for the breakup, as it provides a calming atmosphere and there are few distractions.

Choose a private place. If you want to break up in a private setting, so you can leave anytime you want. Avoid doing it in front of their friends, family or neighbors.


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