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How to Channel Fears

Fears can come in many forms and be caused by many things. It can be a lingering childhood fear of the dark or spiders or an adult fear of abandonment, failure or death.

Fears can keep us from living our lives to the fullest. The best way to deal with fears is to channel them into something else. Here are some tips to help you channel fears.


5 Steps to Channel Fears

How to Channel Fears

1. Identify your fear.

The first step to channeling your fear is to admit that you have one and understand where it came from. Whether you’re afraid of the dark because you were accidentally locked in the basement when you were a child or afraid of commitment because your own parents went through a messy divorce, all fears are based on some form of reality and must be recognized in order to deal with them properly.


2. Face your fears gradually.

It is important to face the thing you are afraid of and come to terms with it, but doing so all at once could be overwhelming and intensify your fear instead of helping you to come to terms with it. Begin by dealing with your fear slowly and in small steps.

If you are afraid of spiders or snakes, visit the zoo and walk through the reptile or insect exhibit or take a ride on a Ferris wheel with a friend if you are trying to overcome a fear of heights. Even a fear of commitment can be met gradually by taking care of a pet or a houseplant before committing to a relationship with a person.


3. Talk with a friend.

Discuss your fears with someone you trust to take you seriously and to respect the seriousness of what you are experiencing. Be honest with them about what you are afraid of and the cause of the fear. They might relate some fears of their own that will make you feel better about your own fears or have some suggestions about what you can do to move past them.


4. Talk yourself through it.

One of the best ways to channel your fears into something positive is to admit them to yourself out loud. Acknowledge your fears aloud and come to terms with why you are afraid of them. Even if you think your fears are irrational or juvenile, there is obviously still a part of you that takes them seriously if you’re still afraid. Admit your fears and ask yourself what would help you move past them.


5. Consult a professional.

If you have tried to channel your fears into courage by facing them, talking with trusted friends and by attempting to confront them a little bit at a time and you are still not able to move past them, let a professional help you.

Find a counselor or psychiatrist who specializes in helping people move past their fears and past memories and be honest with them about your issues. Being open with them and trusting them to help you is the first step towards channeling your fear and moving past it.


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