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How to Change Airline Reservation From Travelocity

There are times when we need to change our plans. Travelocity understands that customers may need to make changes or cancel their reservation, and they will attempt to aid customers with any changes.

Travelocity will make small changes such as the correct spelling of your name or possibly change your reservation to standby for little or no fee. Cancelling a flight may result in a penalty. However, if you request the cancellation within a specific amount of time after making the reservation, there is no penalty.


How to Change Airline Reservation From Travelocity

Change Airline Reservation


1. Contact Travelocity’s Customer Care department at: 888-872-8356 to change your airline ticket.

If you want to fly standby on the same day of travel as indicated on your reservation, contact the airline directly.


2. Inform the representative that you want to change your airline ticket.


3. Request the change.

The representative can make changes such as change the name on the ticket or change the flight reservation.


4. Pay any fees required to change the ticket with a debit or credit card.

Fees vary and are at Travelocity’s discretion.



5. Call Travelocity Customer Care at: 888-872-8356 within 24 hours of the flight reservation.

If calling after 24 hours of the reservation time, you may be subject to penalties.


6. Request to cancel your ticket and give the representative your reservation number, full name and address.

The representative will inform you if you’re allowed to receive a refund for the ticket.


7. Agree to pay the Travelocity booking fee, if cancelling within 24 hours.

Only the price of the ticket minus the booking fee will be refunded to your debit or credit card. If you are allowed to refund your ticket beyond that time period, pay the penalty fee with a debit or credit card.


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