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How to Change a Self-Image

Self-image is the way you see yourself. It essentially affects every area of your life, including relationships, work, and your overall health and happiness. Physical appearance, social status, personal achievements and quality of relationships are all factors that contribute to self-image.

While having a negative self-image can make you feel insecure and unhappy, a positive self-image is one of the keys to confident and happy living. Developing a positive self-image can improve the quality of your life and experiences.


5 Steps to Change a Self-Image

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1. Identify self-defeating thoughts that are negatively affecting your self-image.

Write down how these thoughts make you feel about yourself and your life. Be specific. Ask yourself questions to understand why you feel that way. Bring your feelings to the surface in order to see what you need to work on.


2. Make a list of your positive traits and qualities.

Acknowledge your achievements, both large and small. Write down goals and plans. Focusing on your strengths and goals will help you reshape your thought patterns and develop a more positive outlook.


3. Seek professional help.

A negative self-image may be linked to depression or experiences such as abuse or a traumatic event. Find a therapist you feel comfortable with.

He can help you identify experiences, thoughts, and behaviors that have shaped your current self-image. Develop a treatment plan that enables you to work through these issues.


4. Let go of anything that is affecting your happiness.

Get out of unhealthy relationships. Negative attitudes from others may be affecting your own attitude. Believe that you deserve respect. Learn how to forgive yourself and others so that you can move on.


5. Do things that make you feel good.

Exercise, get a makeover, plant a garden or take a vacation. Be patient with yourself. Realize that developing a positive self-image takes time. Continue to build upon the positive aspects of your life. Keep a journal to track your progress, and reward yourself for small victories along the way.


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