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How to Celebrate a 10 Year Anniversary

Marriage is fun, but can be very challenging. Its moments of glory often come in realizing how far you have come together as a couple. At no time is that more evident than an anniversary. Congratulations on making it to your ten year anniversary!

The ten year mark is the first true milestone anniversary. You have been married for a decade, and a true celebration is in order!

Be sure to make it a special time with the one you love by reading on!


8 Original Ways to Celebrate a 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

How to Celebrate a 10 Year Anniversary


1. Recreate the Honeymoon

You were newly married ten years ago, and the honeymoon probably brings back a ton of amazing memories. Try recreating your wedding night, and visit your honeymoon destination again for a weekend or longer. If you didn’t go on a honeymoon, your ten year anniversary gives you a reason to go on one. Set off for your destination, and enjoy one another!


2. Give a Traditional Tenth Anniversary Gift, Which is Something Made of Tin or Aluminum

Tin or aluminum symbolizes the flexibility and durability of a marriage. It also symbolizes its ability to bend without breaking. One gift idea is to buy a tin box filled with chocolate, coupons from you to your spouse (i.e. for a free massage), magazines, books, and love letters. An antique tin toy would also be a cute gift to give. You can find these at garage sales, thrift stores or antique shops. You could also have something engraved. Get creative!


3. Buy Diamond Jewelry as a Gift

The gemstone symbolizing the tenth anniversary is the diamond. A marriage that lasts ten years is just like a diamond–beautiful and durable. You can buy your loved one diamond jewelry, such as earrings, a ring or a necklace. Get something pretty, but don’t go into debt doing it.


4. Find a Bouquet of Daffodils

The tenth anniversary flower is the daffodil. The daffodil symbolizes the happiness and joy that comes with being married for ten years. If you want to buy something smaller than a bouquet, you can buy your loved one a daffodil corsage to wear when you go out to celebrate.


5. Give a Gift That is Silver or Blue

The tenth anniversary color is silver or blue. You can buy your loved one a shirt, dress or tie that is blue or silver. Make it even more interesting by telling him or her that you chose this particular color because it represents ten years of marriage. Your loved one might not have even known that blue or silver is the color for the tenth anniversary!


6. Get Tickets to an Event

You can see a sporting event, concert, ballet or Broadway musical. Start the evening with dinner at a nice restaurant. Afterwards, head out to your event. Enjoy your time together, and be sure to pick something that you will both enjoy for a mutually enjoyed time.


7. Make a Romantic, Candlelit Dinner at Home

Cook dinner for your loved one, and serve it by candlelight. Play your wedding song in the background, and dance to it when it comes on.

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8. Pack a Picnic

Put together a picnic lunch, and enjoy eating it in a beautiful park or a spot overlooking the ocean. If you drink wine, bring some wine–if not, bring some sparkling cider. You can serve the drink in plastic wine glasses.

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Congratulations on Making it to your Tenth Anniversary!

You have ten more years until your next milestone anniversary. Make it a good ten years. Stand by one another, love one another and enjoy your marriage.


Tips and Warnings

  • Writing a love letter is affordable, and it will be appreciated by your loved one for a lot longer than something store bought.
  • Don’t go into debt for the sake of a nice gift. If you are going extreme in your celebration, be sure to talk it over with your love beforehand. You share financial responsibilities in the marriage, and you don’t want to create a fight around a beautiful celebration!


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