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How to Care for Your Pregant Wife

Your wife may be moodier, more sensitive and tired during pregnancy. A few key moves on your part can make for a happier and healthier pregnancy. The right steps can also strengthen your relationship and help you to prepare for the birth of your child.


8 Steps to Care for Your Pregant Wife

Care for Your Pregant Wife


1. Buy her the foods she wants when she has pregnancy cravings.

She will appreciate the act of kindness.


2. Run her a warm, but not hot, bath to help her to relax after a long day.

Light candles in the room and dim the lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.


3. Rub her feet and legs if they become sore or swollen.

Weight gain during pregnancy puts additional pressure on a woman’s lower body. Allow her to get extra sleep when she needs it. The rest is good for her and the developing baby


4. Avoid getting into arguments with her.

She will be emotional at times during the pregnancy. Approach the situation with sensitivity and humor, where possible. Understand that she is going through many changes, some which are uncomfortable or difficult.


5. Compliment her throughout the pregnancy.

Many women experience low self-esteem while pregnant and welcome positive comments. Tell her that she glows, instead of how big she has become. Pregnant women often hear from others about their size and comments from their husbands, even jokingly, can make them even more preoccupied with their weight.


6. Allow her to get extra sleep if she’s feeling overtired.

The rest is good for her and the developing baby. Take over more of the domestic chores. Take care of any other children you have in the home so that she can spend some time looking after her own needs. Cook for her frequently. This is especially helpful if she is used to cooking for the family.


7. Keep the romance alive.

Send her roses, take her to dinner. Continue the romantic gestures you made before she became pregnant.


8. Attend birthing classes together and read books with her on pregnancy and caring for a newborn.

This will strengthen your relationship and also help you to prepare for the birth and fatherhood.


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