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How to Care for Pregnant Mothers

With over 4 million live births in the United States and about 875,000 women experiencing complications during pregnancy, caring for pregnant mothers is a priority. Pregnancy can be a trying yet exciting time.

Through each trimester ,a pregnant woman needs delicate care from those closest around her. Caring for a pregnant woman only requires medical care but emotional care as well. Your job is to communicate, be patient and be available to her in any way possible.


Caring For a Pregnant Woman

Care for Pregnant Mothers


Accompany Her On Checkups

Prenatal visits are essential for the health of both the expectant mother and the baby. During the first 28 weeks of gestation, prenatal visits should take place every 4 weeks and weekly visits should take place from 36 weeks gestation up until delivery.

Routine screenings are also needed for blood pressure concerns, diabetes, any genetic disorders, rubella, STDs and urine protein.


Get Involved and Stay Proactive

Know when her prenatal examinations and screenings are and keep a calendar of events. Schedule yourself around her needs. Read information regarding possible complications and be aware of discomforts she may experience.


Feed Her a Well-balanced Diet

Pregnant women should increase their usual servings of foods. Pregnant women should ideally have three to four servings of fruits and vegetables and nine servings of whole-grain bread, rice or pasta. Make sure she avoids raw meats, cheese, seafood, and deli meats. Milk and soft cheeses should also be avoided. Pay attention to her cravings.


Make Sure She Takes Her Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnancy increases the need for folic acid, calcium and iron. Taking the appropriate vitamins is vital for healthy fetal growth.


Offer to Help Do Chores

A pregnant woman has decreased energy levels and needs more rest than typical. Unnecessary work can cause stress which can harm her and the baby. Lifting heavy items or constant up and down movements may also be harmful.


Make Her Feel Good

Massaging helps alleviate any discomfort. It can also reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and improve her body’s circulation. Some women experience insomnia and massaging is a good way to relax so sleep is possible.


Spend Time with Her

Pregnant women can experience severe mood swings and it is important to allow her go through these emotions. Be patient, understanding and assist her in accepting these changes as a normal process of being pregnant.

Be a part of her getting regular physical activity, walk with her, go to a movie or an exercise class together. Doing these simple yet important things will reaffirm to her that you care.


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