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How to Buy Flight Insurance

Flight insurance offers protection for you and your family when you fly on a commercial airline. In some cases, this coverage is included in a full travel insurance plan. Making sure that you have the right kind of flight insurance will usually give you peace of mind when you are traveling.

Plan ahead when you travel so you can get the best coverage for the best price.


6 Steps to Buy Flight Insurance

How to Buy Flight Insurance

1. Pick a reputable company

If you are booking your travel arrangements through a travel agent, you can usually purchase the insurance through that company. If you are booking your own travel arrangements or want additional insurance, pick a company based on its reputation.

Sometimes the companies that offer the cheapest plans have policies that make it difficult to file and receive a claim. See the Resources section below for links to two reputable flight insurance companies.


2. Insure yourself

You want to be reimbursed for your ticket and other fees if you are sick and unable to make your flight.

Some plans even offer coverage if you miss your flight because you were delayed by security. The policy you choose should also have medical coverage, death and dismemberment coverage and evacuation coverage.


3. Get coverage for your luggage

Most plans will cover the cost of the contents of your luggage if it is lost or stolen. Some plans will also give you a preset amount of money, by reimbursing you, if your luggage is delayed.


4. Find a policy that covers natural and other disasters

By doing this, you will be able to recoup any money that you put down for deposits if your trip gets canceled because of a hurricane, terrorist attack or other natural or manmade disaster.


5. Determine if the coverage includes protection if the airline files for bankruptcy

If this happens and you are stranded because of a canceled flight, your policy will pay for lodging and a new flight on a different airline. Keep in mind that there will be a maximum allowable amount for both of these.


5. Add coverage for any extras

In some policies, you can add coverage for a pet, rental car or traveling companion. When you are purchasing your flight insurance, talk to an agent.

Let her know all of the specifics of your flight. Making sure that everything and everyone traveling with you is covered may save you a headache later.


Tips & Warnings
Don’t purchase a flight insurance plan if the deal seems too good to be true. To avoid being scammed, comparison shop. Get quotes online or by phone from several different companies. When you do this, write the quote and all of the coverage details, including the maximum allowable benefits for each.


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