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How to Buy an English Bulldog

English bulldogs are great dogs for the educated dog owner. However an English Bulldog can become more than you bargained for unless you understand the breed and the importance of evaluating the bloodline.


Things You’ll Need

A good list of English Bulldog breeders, about $2500 as these dogs are not cheap, willingness to devote your free time and attention to a chunky, wrinkled, codependent and stubborn little animal.


Steps to Buy an English Bulldog

Buy an English Bulldog


Before buying a bully you should research the breeder. Ask them for references from people who have bought a puppy before and would recommend them. Ask if they are affiliated with the Bulldog Club of America and for a contact at the local chapter that can vouch for them.

Ask to come and see the breeding facility and the other dogs. Look that the general health of the other dogs and inquire about breeding methods and the lineage of each dog. Are the dogs generally energetic and playful of lethargic and appear to have skin irritations and limping. English Bulldogs can have very bad canine hip displeasure and you should be sure to inquire about a health guarantee in writing regarding genetic health defects in the dog.

If you feel comfortable with the person and have visited the home as to see the puppies. Also ask to see the parents of the dog and ask many questions about their health and bloodline. A good breeder will be more than willing to answer all of your questions.

Make sure you get the terms of the sale and care in writing. Most breeders will have a contract drawn up detailing the shots the dog has had and health guarantee. You will want to inquire about diet and follow up care. Again a good breeder should have detailed information as to the care and feeding of your new English Bulldog.


Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you do your research on the breeder when buying a dog, often you may be able to find a cheaper puppy but will double in cost of vet bills and heart break what you believe you are saving in short term cost.
  • Ask your breeder about recommended diets and grooming. Bullies are not as simple to care for as some other breeds. A good diet can make all the difference in the health and temperament of your dog.
  • I would personally recommend the Raw Diet as the breeder i got my dog from feeds all her dogs raw and i have not seen an unhealthy dog of hers. Unlike many bulldogs I’ve seen all her dogs are energetic and playful rather than sleepy lumps.
  • Be wary of puppy mills! If you visit kennel and there are dozens of puppies and pregnant females you should take warning. English Bulldogs can’t really have conventional births and C-Sections are required. Once the puppies are born the breeder will have to devote the next several months to the puppies as they have to be closely monitored and cannot be left for long periods of time. A few people breeding out their home with a large number of dogs most likely cannot adequately care for those animals and are profit oriented rather than focused on promoting a good bloodline and the health and welfare of their dogs.


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