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How to Buy a Healthy French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, or “Frenchie”, is rising quickly in popularity for a reason: these are awesome little dogs. Cheerful, friendly busybodies, the French Bulldog is a good personality fit for most dog lovers.

However, French Bulldogs as a breed do suffer from some serious potential health issues. It’s vital that any family considering adding a Frenchie understand these problems and know how to buy a healthy French Bulldog.


3 Steps to Buy a Healthy French Bulldog

Healthy French Bulldog


1. Get to work researching.

Every dog buyer should do significant research before they ever go look at a littler of puppies. Once those cute little faces are staring up at yours, you’ll forgot all common sense and write a big check that may lead you into writing even bigger checks later – to your veterinarian!

The most significant health challenges in French Bulldogs are spinal problems (including hemivertebrae or “butterfly” vertebrae); breathing issues (including elongated soft palate); and hip dysplasia (a degenerative hip socket disorder).


2. Buy only from French Bulldog breeders who health test.

All good breeders, no matter what breed of dog they fancy, test for health before they breed their dogs. No matter how nice the breeder seems, no matter how many show ribbons are hanging on her wall, no matter how happy his dogs look running around the kitchen, if you find a breeder who does not test for common breed health problems, do not buy from that breeder.

There is no such thing as a breed or a kennel that has no health issues. There is, however, the ability in many cases to specifically test, xray, or otherwise determine whether a given dog has genetic health issues, and that is what good breeders do.

Be sure both the male and the female French Bulldog have been tested – even better if the grandparents and great-grandparents and lots of other relatives have been tested, too!


3. Request a warranty or guarantee.

Actually, you should not have to request this – it should be standard practice for anyone breeding healthy French Bulldogs.

The warranty should state that if your dog develops health issues over a given period of time (one to three years is standard), that the breeder will, upon proof of spay or neuter of your dog, provide either a complete refund or a replacement dog at your choice.

Health issues will crop up – not even the best breeder can avoid them entirely. How breeders handle the situation when it does come up is the question. Your breeder should be concerned for your dog’s health and comfort above all, for your satisfaction as a buyer next, and for her own reputation or pocketbook last of all.


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